Sunday, February 17, 2008


This blog is an archive of all the art history research papers that have been presented over the years by the students participating in the University of Washington Honors Programs in Rome, Italy.  

If you check the archive index on the right side of this screen you will find that the papers are arranged first by year, and then by month.  Within each month you will find all of the various topics of the individual student's research.  In 2006 the Honors Department added an additional Rome Program to the schedule.  So,  in 2006 and 2007, there will be two programs represented, one in the late summer months (August, September, October) and one in the winter (January, February, March.)  Many research topics are repeated from program to program, so if you are looking for a paper on a certain topic, say, the Colosseum, you may want to browse through each year, and each program, to see if a paper on that subject was presented. 

This blog is meant to be used as a research tool for all future Honors in Rome students - these papers all have extensive bibliographies, and contain useful information and visual imagery (photographs, maps, diagrams, etc.) that may help you in your own research. If you do find any of the research useful please be sure to site that student in your own bibliography!